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Corporate guest WiFi

Corporate guest WiFi

Regular price Rs. 12,000.00

With more and more digitization, your office IT infrastructure is at greater risk . When you allow guest's to access your office WiFi network, you may use firewalls and Vlans but are still exposed on same layer 1 infrastructure and are vulnerable to various risk's.


  1. Data Theft
  2. Trojan's & Viruses
  3. Compliance's on user access log
  4. Costs
  5. Costly hardware & Maintenance
  6. IT team costs

We bring you a corporate guest WiFi solution which is a virtualised service, allowing your guest's to access an independent infrastructure and not needing to install/ manage. Various speeds that your guest can avail is up to 16 Mbps. All system logging as per requirement of Department of Telecommunication will be maintained by us. Experience speedy, hassle free, uninterrupted WiFi for your guests.

(Rates per annum)